[Our Approach]
a new paradigm for investing and building early-stage climate innovation.

Trailblazing With Conviction

Leveraging decades of experience we identify groundbreaking technologies that define the future, and lean in to the frontiers of innovation.

Exposure to 10,000+ early-stage innovations has sharpened our perspective, giving us the ability to pinpoint differentiated technologies and triangulate early market signals.

Building With Intention

We are calibrated to invest at the earliest stages, and engage deeply in the journey with proven frameworks for building wildly successful businesses. Our approach centers on fundamental principles to relentlessly drive toward value creation.  Trust and transparency allow us to build resilient long-term partnerships.  With an aligned vision for the future, we help define the roadmap and bring in the resources to get there.

Cultivating PurposEful Connections

Our network spans the vital hubs of the climate ecosystem, uniquely fortifying our ability to discover, evaluate, nurture and realize successful outcomes.  We cultivate an immense pipeline of innovation to curate partnerships when they are needed most, delivering remarkable achievements for entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors alike.


Diverse Leadership:

78% of portfolio with diverse / under-represented leadership
50% of our team are women

Catalytic Capital:

$1 Billion in follow on capital unlocked
>4x non-dilutive


Our portfolio has saved billions of kWhs over the past decade, equivalent to  the electricity used by 17 million homes for 1 year or the amount of carbon  sequestered by 102 million acres of US forest in one year.

Investment Criteria

Pre-seed or seed stage companies building energy, mobility, water, waste or agriculture innovations
Novel and differentiated technologies that disrupt the status quo and create a sustained competitive advantage
A clear customer value proposition that’s grounded in sound unit economics
The ability to capture a leadership position in large or high growth markets
A results-driven team looking for a long-term partnership
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